Marthe Skaale Myklestad  (b. 1981) is a Bergen based visual artist and spatial designer.

In 2008 she finished a master degree in Design. (Bergen National Academy of the Arts). In many of her projects she has a critical (and sometimes political) approach to universal, national and local spatial problems in urban situations. 

This field of interest and deep focus on urban spatial design can be dated back to her time as student.  In her master project “The Spaces In Between” she criticises the modern cities, favouring the cars and not the walking people. This project can be seen as her design manifesto and introduces many of her design visions.  “The Spaces In Between” doesn't provide us with a final solution,  but presents visions and possibilities in forgotten and ignored spatial situations in the city of Bergen.

Social- engaged, problem solving, experimental, urban situations, lighting, and colour programming are keywords in her design work. She likes to work in the border field of art, design and architecture- exploring and expanding the traditional concepts of design and architecture.

Since 2011 she has also been part -time been working in schools. Educating children and youth and students in arts and crafts, design and architecture has been an important aspect in her social engagement- project as a designer. 

She has exhibited her works in Bergen, Risør, Oslo, Stockholm and London.

For enquires please contact:

+47 97 76 5043

"Design should be seen as a way of thinking and a tool; turning problems into possibilities!"

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